Peach Moonstone and Silver Amulet Bracelet

Semi- Precious Gemstone Amulet Bracelets

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Handmade beaded gemstone bracelets adorned with tactile Amulet coins embossed with sentimental motifs symbolising Romance, friendship and Happiness.

The semi-precious gemstone beads have been chosen by the designer for their spiritual properties to enhance the bracelets and create further meaning. Layer, stack, mix and match to build your Totem.

  • Romance - Peach Moonstone - The cactus flower is an emblem of romance and courtship. Peach Moonstone is full of loving energy, encouraging passion and inspiration.
  • Friendship - Aventurine - The crossed arrows are a symbol of Friendship while the soft green Aventurine represents prosperity, encouraging a positive outlook on life.
  • Happiness - Onyx - Embossed with the Native American Sun symbol, used to represent Happiness. The Onyx stone absorbs negativity, promoting strength and happiness. 

925 sterling silver charms and beads with 6mm semi-precious gemstone beads. One size fits all stretch bracelets.