'Totem' Stacking Charm Bracelets

'Totem' Stacking Charm Bracelets

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These must have bracelets are the ideal starting point for building your Totem. Available in 3 finishes with a choice of 4 charms, choose the emblems that hold significance to you and tell your story.

Perfect for adding to stacks and mixing your metals for gorgeous boho-luxe style.

  • Hummingbird - Bringer of peace, love and happiness.  The hummingbird seeks out the goodness in life.
  • Thunderbird - A strong totem of power and creation. The Thunderbird separates the heavens and the Earth.
  • Moon - A protector and Guardian of the Earth.
  • Feather - Represents spiritual evolution and moving freely in life. A symbol of ascension.

Handmade in 925 sterling silver with an 18ct yellow or rose gold plate, each Totem Charm Bracelet features the Essentia By Love Lily Rose tag as a mark of authenticity. 

Our bracelets are handmade to an approximate base circumference of 18cm, please get in touch if you require a larger or smaller size.