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'Harmony' Silver & Agate Set of Four Bracelet Stack

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Calming and creative gemstones blend with symbolic silver charms to promote self-expression, peace and good fortune in this stunning Harmony Bracelet Stack.

Wear as a statement stack or mix and match the individual bracelets to suit your mood and style. 

The Harmony Bracelet Stack features the following Essentia By Love Lily Rose charms;

  • Halo - A symbol of unity. The circle holds that which cannot be broken.
  • Thunderbird Wing - A strong Totem of power and creation. The Thunderbird separates the heavens and the Earth.
  • Feather - A sign of spiritual evolution and moving freely in life.
  • Star - A wishful symbol. Bringer of luck and hope.

Designed and handmade in the UK using 925 Sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones Grey Agate and Howlite known for their calming and balancing properties.