'Spirited' Black & Gold Stacking Ring Set

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A set of 4 delicate rings handmade in sterling silver with an 18ct gold and Ruthenium (black gold) plate. Wear as a complete stack or mix and match the rings for sophisticated, minimalist style.

The influence for our Spirited Ring Stack come from the Native American four corners, or medicine wheel. An integral part of many Native cultures, it has different spiritual interpretations connected to each 'corner'.

  • Yellow - Spiritual - Sun
  • Black - Physical - Earth
  • White - Intellect - Air
  • Red - Emotional - Water

The gold and black bands symbolise the Sun and Earth.

Handmade in 1.2mm 925 sterling silver wire with an 18ct yellow gold and ruthenium plate. 

Available in 4 sizes XS, S, M, L.