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'Courage' Set of Six Bracelet Stack in Gold

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The ultimate Totem stack. Emblems and semi-precious stones chosen by the designer for their positive, protective qualities. The Courage Bracelet Stack encourages happiness, strength and guidance to be you, bravely.

Symbolic 18ct gold vermeil charms contrast beautifully with the dark tones of tigers eye and onyx to create our hero bracelet stack. Mix and match the beaded gemstone bracelets to suit your mood and personal style or wear the whole stack to really make a statement.

The Courage stack consists of 6 individual bracelets and features the following charms and semi-precious gemstones;

  • Thunderbird - A strong Totem of power and creation. The Thunderbird separates the heavens and the Earth.
  • Star - A wishful symbol representing hope and guidance.
  • Moon - A protection symbol. Thought to be the Guardian of the Earth.
  • Happiness Amulet - A sun symbol, full of energy and promoting happiness. 
  • Tigers Eye - A stone of protection that promotes willpower and confidence.
  • Onyx - Absorbs negativity, encouraging strength and happiness.

With the rich, dark tones of the semi-precious gemstones beads the Courage Bracelet Stack is the ultimate style statement for those looking for bohemian luxury. 

Handmade with 18ct gold plated sterling silver, onyx and tigers eye beads. One size fits all stretch bracelet.