Sterling Silver Oriana Strength Necklace - Maxi Length

Oriana Strength Interchangeable Layered Necklace - Maxi

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Inspired by the positive and protective qualities surrounding Native American Dreamcatchers. Arrowheads were sometimes added to the talisman to offer increased strength for the sleeper below.

Our Oriana Strength Necklace boasts three interchangeable layers adorned with charms chosen by the designer for their unifying sense of strength and protection.

A stunning statement necklace that is packed full of meaning - pure bohemian luxury.

The Oriana Strength Necklace consists of the following 3 charm layers with a Maxi length bottom layer;

40cm/16" Arrow - Arrowheads were often added to Dreamcatchers to offer strength and protection. Charm measures 1.5 x 2cm.

46cm/18" Sun - An energy symbol representing growth and new beginnings. The sun would burn away negative dreams at the start of each new day. Charm measures 2.8 x 2.3cm.

60cm/24" - Feathered Dreamcatcher - The feathers on a dreamcatcher provide a soft ladder for positive dreams to glide down. Charm measures 5.5 x 2.8cm.

Please note lengths are the total lengths once attached to the unique Oriana clasp.

Handmade in sterling silver or 18ct gold plated silver vermeil.